The Best Credit Cards for 2015

Last Updated August 21, 2014

Credit cards have become necessities in modern life. Many people use their card every day for buying simple conveniences, while some prefer to use them exclusively for larger purchases like travel. There is no doubt that many people will be applying for and using brand new cards in 2015, and so the question remains: What credit card is the best for me in 2015?

That answer will depend heavily on your needs. Do you own a business? Like to travel? Are you a student? Do you have damaged credit? Below you’ll find the solutions to all of those situations and more. The main focus of the industry this year will no doubt be on security in light of recent data breach scandals that rocked the nation. There will also of course be a new way of special offers by all companies to try and entice your business. Read the guide below, choose wisely, and you’ll get the exact credit card you need!

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General Credit Card Guidance for the New Year

Swipe? I Don’t Think So: If the thought of being hacked or losing your plastic triggers insomnia, good news awaits: In 2015, U.S. credit cards feature the chip-and-pin technology that’s been around for decades overseas, says the Wall Street Journal. You won’t have to destroy your old cards, but if you long for safer, hack-proof plastic, it’s set to debut in the year ahead—in October 2015, specifically. Visa and MasterCard are already begun issuing new cards devoid of black magnetic stripes and signature lines. Business Insider analysts say the U.S. is currently 10 years behind the rest of the world. Expect a speedy catch-up in the year ahead.

A Little History: After the Target data breach affecting 70 million people in 2014, the Policy Counsel for the Consumers Union gave notice to credit card issuers that the time had come to catch up with other countries. Chip and pin—also known as EMV for the company that invented the technology–thus became the name of the game as financial institutions moved briskly to implement the switch. Multiple layers of security are built into these cards, but proof of their effectiveness is undeniable: in France, hacking and theft decreased by a whopping 78-percent in the first year of using pin-and-chip cards.

Will That Fix Everything? Probably not, but pin and chip is a great bandage on a system that’s grown increasingly corrupted thanks to imaginative hackers and diabolical schemers operating around the world. The credit industry spent 2014 defining migration strategies and while conversion from swipe-and-sign protocols adds safety measures to purchases, it’s not considered a permanent fix. Even the most optimistic industry experts admit that a completely operational EMV environment is still down the road. Less than 60-percent of credit cards and only 26-percent of terminals required for new card transaction processing will be operational by the end of 2015. This is a huge undertaking and bugs (e.g., pesky criminal types intuiting penetration strategies) are likely already at work on the challenge.

All On Board? For the most part. Credit card issuers and merchants are committed to changing the way credit cards are used and supportive of EMV, but that doesn’t mean that looming regulatory issues are moving along at warp speed. Rumors are already swirling around the issue of liability shift that could pit merchants against financial institutions offering chip-enhanced cards. Competing forces within the credit industry plus unknown future regulations, potential customer service problems—even the potential for limited EMV card supplies—lurk beneath the surface. For these reasons and more, you owe it to yourself, your budget and your peace of mind to choose wisely in 2015 as you confront the sheer variety of credit card choices that come your way.

How it Works: You won’t have to learn new behaviors to use plastic in 2015. Outward-facing terminals are at the nexus of the process. You slide your card in, key in your pin and that’s it. Nobody else is party to your transaction. Concludes the Wall Street Journal: Your merchant may still accept your “old” card, but liability issues kick in once EMVs are available and mandated after October. No bank or merchant wants to pay damages for refusing new technology, so expect pressure to use EMVs. Perhaps the biggest difference you’ll experience is that your card never leaves your sight! Say goodbye to wait staff disappearing to run your bar or dining tab. In the future, a terminal will be brought to your table so nobody else touches your plastic but you.

Best Credit Card Special Offers for 2015

What’s a special offer? The definition is unique to a situation, but if you’re a first-time credit card seeker, you might belong to a rarefied credit class that comes with special benefits. Check out these special offers:

The Discover it Card offers an introductory rate 0-percent for 18 months balance transfer introductory rate that can give you a long bit of breathing room, taking you to the end of 2015. The Discover it card is rated 4.8 of 5.0 stars by thousands of card members plus there’s no annual fee. Enjoy late payment forgiveness the first time you forget your due date. Free FICO scores on statements help you keep tabs on your credit in 2015 and beyond.

Capital One Venture Rewards Card piles on the benefits once you’ve said yes to their offer. Perks are twice as nice as most mileage travel offers! Spend $3,000 using the card within three months and grab 40,000 miles, then get unlimited 2X miles on all future purchases. Blackout dates? Airline or hotel restrictions? No way—and miles never expire, so go abroad and forget foreign transaction fees because your card has you covered on both fronts.

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card. Consider Quicksilver if you’re working to build your credit history on the road to success. Receive 1.5-percent cash back on everything you buy, request the rebate any time you like, enjoy 0-percent interest until May 2015 and enjoy knowing that this cash back deal won’t expire– nor will you be subject to rotating reward categories that leave you dazed and confused. Build solid credit with this card and earn a higher credit limit by making five on-time payments. Additionally, fraud coverage is free.

Gold Delta Skymiles from American Express. It’s still the ultimate plastic icon and these days, it’s easier than ever to get special offers through AmEx, particularly if you’re a patron of Delta and want a card that piles on extras as you travel throughout 2015. Make $1,000 in purchases in three months and rake up 50,000 in bonus miles! At that point, more benefits accrue: Get 2X Delta miles with purchase and 1X miles for other transactions, plus a free checked bag on a Delta flight, priority boarding and zero annual fees for your first year.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards for 2015

Discover it Card. It doesn’t matter how many websites you visit looking for the best balance transfer deals in 2015—you’ll find the Discover it card at or near the top. This card never met a person with excellent credit it didn’t love, so enjoy 18 months of interest-free relief following balance transfers and you won’t be penalized, even if you exceed your credit limit. Discover is entirely U.S. based, so if you pride yourself on dealing exclusively with U.S. companies, this card has your name on it. Besides, if you’re late with one payment, you are forgiven. A little math should convince you that the Discover it card can make 2015 a better year for your fiscal health.

Chase Slate. There’s a reason Forbes Online declared this card one of the best balance transfer offers back in 2013 and the status of this card is expected to remain high into 2015 and beyond. Make a balance transfer during the first 60 days and there’s no balance transfer fee, plus you pay less interest with this card once the account is seasoned. Enjoy a 0-percent variable introductory rate on purchases for 15 months, at which point, this account reverts to as low as 12.99-percent, depending upon your credit, and there’s no annual fee. If you are already an excellent risk, this could be the card for you.

Lake Michigan Credit Union Prime Platinum. If you like to patronize small businesses and avoid big corporations, you may wish to explore one of the best balance transfer credit cards via The Lake Michigan Credit Union. This Prime Platinum has one of the lowest APRs on the planet: 6.25-percent variable APR. You read that right. Your long term-debt could come to a crashing end in 2015 if you take advantage of this institution’s no transfer fee and then enjoy 0-percent interest for 15 months. Analysts like to use Chase Slate as a point of comparison if you’re considering a balance transfer card backed by a smaller institution. Do you have to be a member? You do, but you can become one simply by making a donation to the Michigan branch of the ALS association. When last were you offered a great credit card choice that also assists a worthy charity?

Best Cash Back Credit Cards for 2015

Discover it Chrome Card. The Discover it card is also expected to be one of the best cash back deals on the planet in 2015. Get 0-percent APR for 14 months and foreign transaction fees will never appear on your bill. The Discover it Chrome card accrues 2-percent cash back every quarter on purchases like dining out and gas; anticipate 1-percent cash back on other purchases. Shop more than 200 targeted online merchants selected for account holders by Discover and reap more benefits: 5- to 20-percent cash back. That’s huge. Consumerism Commentary named this card “editor’s choice,” so you can take that to the bank if you want a recommendation.

BankAmerica Visa Card. If you abhor restrictions that come with some cash back cards, 2015 could be your year to forget about them if a BankAmerica Visa lands in your wallet. Get 15 months at 0-percent interest during each billing period, so if you need an excuse to buy something, there it is. Further, this rewards program is flexible and creative: it pairs with cash deposited in your BoA savings or checking account, so if you must shift funds in an emergency, you can use your card to make sure you never make a late payment. There’s even a $25-per-quarter cash reward tied to the card that kicks in each time you pay more than your minimum balance, so if that’s not incentive enough, you may not really need a cash back-rewards card in 2015.

The PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards Visa Card comes in two forms: the Plus version, paying a 5-percent cash back reward on fuel purchases and no annual fee if you qualify–and the Standard version that awards you 3-percent at the pump a comes with a modest $25 annual fee. Once upon a time, you could only get a PenFed card (Pentagon Federal Credit Union) if you were a member of the government, armed forces or organizations like the American Red Cross, but all that’s changed since wars have ended and soldiers are returning stateside. Contribute to non-profits like the National Military Family Association or Voices for America’s Troops and you qualify as a credit union member, making you eligible for this cash back card in 2015 and beyond.

Best Rewards Credit Cards for 2015

Chase Freedom Sapphire. Would you say yes to a card that promised 40,000 rewards points just for using your card within three months of its issuance? If so, Chase Freedom Sapphire could be your ticket to a big payoff. Put another authorized user on the card and rack up an additional 5,000 points and you can also double up on future points by using the card as much as possible for travel and entertainment. Year one is fee-free; after that, a $95 fee kicks in. The card is already chip and pin complaint, so it’s 2015-ready.

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card. You want rewards in 2015? AmEx is happy to load you up in the form of 25,000 membership rewards points after you purchase $2,000 worth of goods within the first three months of card use. Fly all you like: get 3X points on airline tickets, 2X points at gas stations and 1X points elsewhere. There’s more. Point transfers to 20 of the most popular frequent traveler programs can help you build your bank fast and you even get a year-end bonus if you spend $30,000 in a calendar year: 15,000 more points. Pay no fee for the first year to wrap up 2015 year with a nice financial rewards bow. placed the BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card atop its recommendation list. Review card benefits and you’ll see why. Earn 1.5 points for every buck you spend and forget annual fees. Enroll online and purchase at least $500 in merchandise within 90 days and once you get your account statement, you’ll note the addition of 10,000 points. Do you plan to travel in 2015? This rewards card is your ticket to savings: hotels, airfare, baggage fees and dining all help rack up more points and there are no blackout days to ruin your trips. Will you travel abroad? Go to it. You won’t incur a single foreign transaction fee. Finally, get 12 months of 0-percent interest in addition to other reward perks. No wonder this card is popular.

Best Student Credit Cards for 2015

Students need to be especially careful when navigating the sea of credit card choices available for them this year. Here is a brief video from ABC News on the subject:
Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card. If your child’s credit is great, this student card offers cash back rewards of one percent on every purchase. If he makes his payment on time, a 25-percent bonus comes his way. Rack up enough expenditures and handle the transactions in a fiscally savvy way and she could build a solid credit history. Additionally, if your son’s card is stolen or lost, fraud coverage comes with the Journey and five months of responsible use and bill pay can boost his credit line. There are high APRs and no introductory promotions associated with this student card, so it’s recommended only for mature, responsible students.

Keybank College Rewards Card. You might not have heard of this card issuer before, but if your student leaves something to be desired in the credit history department, she can still qualify for this unique card, aimed at students in need of second chance to improve their credit standing while offering the convenience of a card for emergencies and general expenses. Your child will earn one point for every dollar she spends and 1,000 points are automatically added as soon as she uses the account for the first time. This incentive could be the catalyst for getting your child’s credit back to health in 2015.

Discover it Chrome for Students. If you prefer a well-known card brand, you might want to send your child off to university with a Discover it card with benefits galore. There’s no annual fee, 2-percent cash back up to $1,000 to spend at eateries and gas stations and he will also get 1-percent cash back on other purchases throughout 2015 and beyond. Free FICO scores appear on monthly statements and free text alerts remind students when bills are due. If your child loves anything associated with a mobile app (it’s free with the card), this card, with a 0-percent introductory offer for six months, may be all you need to stock that dorm room with essentials.

Best Travel Credit Cards for 2015

Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard. Even the name sounds grand and if you plan to travel a lot in 2015, this could be your ticket to racking up bonuses via the card that never met a traveler it didn’t reward. Every plane ticket, hotel and car rental expense you incur adds to a bank of reward points launched by the 40,000 signup points credited to your card when you spend $3,000 within 90 days of your card’s receipt. Thereafter, earn 2.2-percent on every dollar spent. To welcome you into the fold for 2015 and beyond, the $89 annual card fee is waived for the first year.

BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card. Your excellent credit is all that’s needed to qualify you for this generous rewards program in 2015. Use your BoA card to rack up $500 in purchases within 90 days and 10,000 bonus points (that’s one overseas airline round trip) will land in your account. Thereafter, earn 1.5 points on purchases redeem points for all types of travel expenses, including cruises, rental cars, hotels, vacations and baggage fees. You won’t have to deal with limits or blackout dates if you choose this variable interest deal that includes a 0-percent introductory rate for a year on purchases. The rate reverts to as little as 14.99-percent thereafter and never pay a foreign transaction fee no matter where you travel on the planet in 2015.

Capital One Venture One Rewards Card sets a standard others hope to emulate. Amass 1.25 unlimited miles on every purchase, every day and there’s no annual fee attached to the card as you travel here, there and build a point bank. Get a bonus 20,000 miles after spending $1,000 on purchases. Travel cards are rarely this generous with reward points given this relatively small purchase amount, but you must spend the cash within three months. Since you can choose from any airline or hotel, this won’t be hard and there are no blackout dates associated with this rewards card. Further, miles never expire nor is there a cap on the number of miles you can earn. Here’s the best news: qualify for this card with just a “good” credit rating in some cases.

Best Credit Cards for People with Excellent Credit for 2015

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card. Excellent credit holders only need apply, but to get the ball rolling, spend $500 within the first three months and $100 in bonus money comes your way. In the future, earn 1.5-percent cash back on every purchase. Since there are no rotating categories, you don’t have to keep track of where you’re shopping each month. There’s no expiration on your rewards, and if you want another new account start-up incentive, get 0-percent interest on balance transfers and purchases until May 2015.

Capital One Venture One Rewards Credit Card. If your credit is excellent, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of this card from the get-go. Spend $1,000 up front and 20,000 travel miles are credited to your account, at which point, you get unlimited 1.25-miles with all purchases. There’s no annual fee and you’re not restricted to one airline or hotel, so fly and stay where you want, not where you’re told to go. Miles don’t expire, either.

Gold Delta SkyMiles from American Express. In return for excellent credit, this American Express/Delta Air partnership is packed with rewards that will take you into 2015 in style. Use your card to make $1,000 in purchases within the first three months and 50,000 bonus miles are added to your card bank. In the future, receive 2X miles on Delta flights and 1X miles on other purchases. Walk to the front of the line with priority boarding and check your first bag gratis if you flash this card in 2015. Finally, a $50 statement credit follows that first Delta purchase. No extra charge for American Express name recognition that’s priceless.

Best ‘No Foreign Transaction Fee’ Credit Cards for 2015

The Platinum Card from American Express. There’s no escaping the hefty $450 annual fee that comes with this high-powered card, but if you’re moving in fast circles in 2015, the annual fee is a drop in the bucket compared to profit-taking if international deals come to fruition. Name recognition earns has always gotten respect and that won’t change in 2015. Matter of fact, perks could climb. Spend $3,000 within 3 months and earn 40,000 points. Nab a $200 per annum airline fee credit via a qualifying airline and forget a single foreign transaction fee, no matter how often you use this card abroad. The services of a concierge come with this credit card, a resource you’ll come to depend on in 2015 as your business grows.

Capital One Venture One Rewards Credit Card was named’s top “no foreign transaction fee” card. Peruse the features and benefits before making this your go-to plastic for every foreign destination you visit in 2015 and you’ll quickly see why it became a recommended card in the “no foreign transaction” category. There’s no annual fee, receive 1.25 miles on every purchase you make (here or abroad), there’s a one-time travel bonus of 20,000 miles within three months of activating your card and not a single restriction on airline, hotel or dreaded blackout dates. Miles don’t expire. Collect a million of them if you like. Good credit sends this foreign transaction fee-free to your wallet and you’ll even get 0-percent interest until August 2015.

The Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card people want you in Paris, Rome, London or any other place that gives you an opportunity to spend $2,000 in three months after opening this card account, at which point, you an additional 70,000 points will appear on your statement. You read that right, and that’s not the end of perks you get with this “no foreign transaction fee” credit card: amass free night stays at certain Marriott hotels, 15 credits toward an Elite membership, endless point accumulation and your card comes with the pin and chip technology Europe has used for decades. Every dollar you spend at a Marriott in 2015 earns 5 points, but collect more on airline, car and restaurant expenditures. This Chase product requires excellent credit for approval.

Best Hotel Credit Cards For 2015

If you’ve never heard of the IHG Rewards Club, listen up. As the number two top hotel card pick selected by U.S. News and World Report (just behind Marriott), the IHG card is an InterContinental Hotel Group product and a hands-down favorite of frequent travelers. With 4,600 properties in the IHG family, you can stay at them exclusively, but you can also use your points for lodgings outside the network any time you like in 2015. Reward nights require pre-booking, a small price to pay for a free night’s stay. To accommodate people of all means, this Chase-backed card offer three levels of membership: Club, Gold Elite and Platinum Elite, so even if your credit isn’t perfect, you can still apply to be a Club member. Reward points can be converted to frequent flyer program miles; a great benefit if you plan frequent hotel stays in 2015. Want to be treated like royalty? Become an InterContinental Ambassador for an extra fee and see just how rewarding this card can be.

Marriott Rewards Premium Credit Card. The Marriott brand and reputation are famous and if its properties are your home-away-from-home when traveling, let Marriott reward your loyalty in 2015. Spend $2,000 within three months and earn a whopping 70,000 points plus free night stays at select venues when you use the card. Choose from 3,800 Marriott locations and rack up points for future airline tickets and car rentals, too You must have excellent credit, but once you’re approved, unlimited point accumulation, zero foreign transaction fees and Elite membership status associated with this exclusive credit card program can flow your way in 2015. There’s a reason U.S. News and World Report named Marriott their number one hotel card pick. Learn why for yourself.

Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card From American Express. Let’s say you favor brands like St. Regis, W, Sheraton, Westin, Four Points, Loft or Meridien and love the idea of an Amex card in your wallet that rewards you for staying at any of them. Your choice is simple: apply for this card and receive a bounty of perks: 25,000 bonus points just for signing up, 10,000 Starpoints following one purchase and if you spend $5,000 within the first six months, another 15,000 points is yours. Redeem this bounty at 1,100 hotels worldwide on Awards Nights and keep amassing credit with 2 Starpoints every time you charge eligible purchases at hotels and resorts in this network. There’s no introductory fee for year one; a modest $65 fee is charged thereafter, but if you travel in Starwood circles, this could become your favorite card in 2015.

Best Small Business Credit Cards for 2015

Blue for Business Credit Card from American Express. Your start-up couldn’t get a bigger boost Blue for Business in your wallet. In addition to the business community’s most prestigious credit card brand, skip the annual membership fee and apply that cash to other costs of doing business. Buy something within three months and rack up 10,000 membership points. If you’re underwriting travel accounts for employees and associates, put as many staffers on your account as you like without paying for the privilege. Travel, gift cards, entertainment and merchandise rewards can incentivize you to use the card and with a low introductory APR and nine months of 0-interest, this is great way to energize your business bottom line in 2015.

Business Gold Rewards from American Express OPEN. The brand opens doors in business communities, so qualifying for an AmEx gold sends a strong message to clients that you’re in it for the long haul and have the good credit to prove it. Spend $5,000 within three months—a drop in the bucket for a growing business–and earn 25,000 membership rewards points. Use them to entertain investors, offset travel expenses or handle unexpected shortfalls. Your purchasing power is expansive: 3X points on airfare and 2X points on advertising media. In 2015, you’ll need shipping, software and hardware to power your enterprise, so take advantage of this AmEx Gold Card to handle the expenses associated with your future growth.

Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN. There’s a $450 annual fee associated with this top-of-the-line credit card but if you want to move through 2015 powerfully and successfully, consider this fee an investment against future earnings. The Platinum OPEN rewards you with 40,000 membership rewards points once you use the card to buy $5,000 worth of goods and services during your first three months as a card holder. This prestigious card comes with a 20-percent travel bonus plus access to 40+ benefits chosen especially for the business community. Enjoy complimentary Priority Pass Select status at 600+ airport lounges, unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi access at one million+ worldwide hotspots and enjoy higher credit limits that come automatically with responsible fiscal card management. By the way, you also get access to a Platinum Concierge 24/7.

Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards for 2015

Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard. The best thing about this card—aside from the fact that there’s no annual fee attached to it—is that an “average” credit score won’t stand in your way if you apply for and use this card, so if your primary goal for 2015 is rebuilding your credit, this MasterCard can help. Further, earn 2 points per dollar when you buy gas, food and pay utility bills; get 1 point on other purchases. Work to rebuild your credit by monitoring FICO scores posted on your monthly statements and since there are no point accumulation limits, redemption fees or blackout dates on travel, the rewards just keep coming in the year ahead.

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card. Every dollar counts when you’re trying to make ends meet so having a credit card with no annual fee can be a great incentive to thoughtfully manage your budget. The Quicksilver gives you a one-time $100 bonus if you spend $500 within three months of receiving your card, there’s 0-percent interest on purchases and balance transfers until May 2015 and if you qualify with good credit, free FICO credit scores, via the Capital One Credit Tracker program, appear on your monthly statements. Earn 1.5-percent cash back on everyday purchases and celebrate the fact that there’s no cash-back limit.

There’s a reason the Discover it card pops up on “best credit card” lists: the perks are unbeatable. Enjoy 0-percent interest for 14 months and make 2015 a banner year for your wallet. Want assurances? Members asked to rate this card consistently give it 4.8 of 5 stars for numerous reasons. There’s no annual fee, but the perks keep coming: forgiveness for one late payment, free FICO credit scores on statements, no over limit fees and zero foreign transaction fees, too. You even receive free monitoring so if your card is hacked, you’ll find out immediately via e-mail, phone or text. If that happens, you won’t be responsible for that debt, so you can see why card satisfied card holders won’t be switching in 2015.

Best Low Interest Credit Cards for 2015

Citi Simplicity Visa Card. This variable rate credit card offers you 18-months of interest freedom once you qualify, but that’s not the only benefit you receive when you become a Simplicity card member. You’ll never be subject to late fees, penalty rates or annual fees, a luxury you enjoy because your credit is excellent and your risk of late payments and penalties into 2015 and beyond is considered low if you’re approved. Maintain that excellent credit rating and once the introductory period ends, your regular purchase fee could be as low as 12.99-percent if you carry a balance.

Capital One Platinum Prestige Credit Card. Qualify for this low-interest credit card and take advantage of 0-percent interest until November 2015—this is good news for early Christmas shoppers who like to stroll empty store aisles before the rush hits after Thanksgiving. Since you earn 1.5-percent cash back on your purchases, you can afford to upgrade your gift budget. Once the introductory period ends, your credit might be good enough to land you a 10.9-percent rate for purchases thereafter, so your ability to shop on a budget will continue long past Valentine’s Day 2015.

Chase Slate Card. The folks at call the Chase Slate card the one you want in your wallet if you don’t care about rewards and just want to get a handle on your finances. Anyone who needs time to pay down debt without accruing interest can benefit from this card and to help you out, you pay no transfer fees (regardless of your debt load), you get 0-percent down on purchases for 15 months while you play catch-up. Once this promotional period ends, if your credit is in decent shape, your APR could be as low as 12.99-percent. Want to know how it feels to be debt free by New Years’ 2016? Chase down this card down and use it wisely.

Best Secured Credit Cards for 2015

Bluebird by American Express. Yes, you can have the prestige of an American Express card even if your credit needs work. The Bluebird is one of AmEx’s contemporary forays into secured credit cards and you could be the recipient of this largesse, even if others reject you. This checking and debit card alternative requires no credit check but comes with perks galore: no minimum balance required, no monthly fee and nary an overdraft fee, either. Enjoy direct deposit, ATM access, mobile money management and online bill pay plus sub-accounts that allow you to manage your finances adroitly while credit worthiness grows in 2015.

Capital One Secured MasterCard. Called the Expert’s Choice by, this card builds credit without putting you into further debt due to processing and application fees. Simply make a security deposit for a credit line up to $3,000 and even if your FICO is hovering around 516, you can join the Capital One family in 2015. Get credit line increases by showing how responsible you can be and don’t be surprised if the three credit bureaus start upping your FICO score when they see how nicely you handle your finances in 2015.

First Progress Platinum Elite or Platinum Select Secured MasterCard. First Progress isn’t a household name—yet—but it could become your favorite card if you have bad credit and need help attaining financial equilibrium. Even if you have no credit history, Progress welcomes your application online. Use the card and perks flow your way: A fully-refundable $300 deposit launches your effort and once you pay off your balance, that $300 is returned to you, so your bad credit score starts moving up, an enviable goal in 2015.

Best Visa Credit Cards for 2015

Capital One Venture Rewards. A perennial favorite of analysts at, Capital One’s Venture Rewards card could be your favorite, too—matter of fact, they refer to this Visa as “one of the best cards” found on any payment network. Receive 2-percent back on purchases in the form of “no hassle” miles; use the card for typical travel services and come out ahead. There’s no annual fee for year one and just $59 in year two. Obtain a one-time-only, 40,000 mile bonus once you’ve spent $3,000. Wanted to go abroad? This is your opportunity, then shop your way through every nation on your itinerary in 2015 because you’ll never see a foreign transaction fee on your monthly statement.

When asked to pick the #1 Visa Card for 2015, editors chose the Citi Simplicity Visa Card without hesitation. Get 18 months of 0-percent interest before an APR rate of as low as 12.99-percent kicks in as late as 2016. This goes for both purchases and balance transfers. Forget about late fees, penalty rates, annual fees, and if you encounter problems related to the card, fast, personal help is available to you 24/7. This Visa card can be a life saver if you need 18 months to pay down a high balance and if you travel, you even get lost luggage and trip cancellation insurance coverage. If you need a great debt consolidation Visa card in 2015 and don’t care about rewards, this is your ticket to solvency.

Looking for credit freedom in 2015? Find out why editors picked the Chase Freedom card over competitors. Designed for folks with excellent credit histories, receive your first reward by spending $500 in the first free months and a $100 bonus lands in your account. This Visa card also offers 0-percent interest for 15 months, reverting to as low as 13.99 APR thereafter. Obtain unlimited 1-percent cash back on all purchases, never pay an annual fee and you don’t have to worry that your rewards will expire. Lots of promotions tied to this Visa are anticipated in 2015; some could replicate the 2014 Kohl’s and gas station partnerships, giving card holders 5-percent purchase rewards. Bet you feel free just reading that!

Best American Express Credit Cards For 2015

TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express. Talk about the card of the future! The True Earnings Card partners the nation’s top warehouse store with the most iconic credit card brand to offer savvy savers the best of both worlds in 2015. Shop Costco and get 3-percent cash back at U.S. gas stations up to $4,000 per year (1-percent thereafter), use the card for member’s discounts with no annual membership fee and when you travel, earn 2-percent at U.S. restaurants and on select travel purchases—plus another 1-percent on Costco purchases. You must have good credit to earn this card; the benefits you enjoy will make it easy for you to maintain it.

The Amex Everyday Credit Card. Your excellent credit rating is your passport to this no annual fee card that rewards you the moment you make $1,000 in purchases (within three months) with 10,000 points. If you use your card for groceries, get 2X the points on up to $6,000 worth of food and enjoy 1X the points once you exceed that limit, so eat up in 2015. If food’s not hour priority, Make 20 purchases with this AmEx card within a billing period and earn 20-percent more points (less returns, of course). Get security, 0-percent interest on initial purchases, a solid brand and fund transfers for 15 months. This is American Express at its best.

How high are your aspirations? If they’re limitless, the American Express Centurion Card can land you in the stratosphere. The fee is steep–$2,500 per annum–but rewards never stop. Manipulate your points so they land in your frequent flyer account, then use the card to gain access to exclusive airport clubs, priority airline seats, annual reimbursements and you’ll never pay a foreign transaction fee. Made of titanium, the feel of this AmEx card is powerful; flashing it is likely to earn all the attention you crave. By the way, you can’t just apply. You must be invited to join after establishing yourself as an AmEx card high roller. Like an exclusive country club, you’ll pay a $7,500 fee to join. What better way to spend 2015 than in the company of fellow Centurions?

Best MasterCard Credit Cards for 2015

Capital One Secured MasterCard. Not everyone has perfect credit and the opportunity to redeem ones financial footing can be dramatically improved by a card that pairs rehabilitation with trust. The Capital One Secured MasterCard has a hefty 22.9-percent variable APR with $29 annual fee, but pay off balances each month and you could rebuild your fiscal reputation. A security deposit to open an account is required, but things could ease over time as you prove you’re becoming a good risk in 2015, courtesy of your rehabilitating MasterCard.

Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard. Happily, your credit isn’t in the basement, but you’ve yet to reach the rarified heights enjoyed by those with high FICO scores. Does this mean you have to do without a MasterCard in 2015? Of course not. The Barclaycard is designed for people with average credit so consider applying if you’re in the process of rehabilitating yours. There’s no annual fee, earn 2-points on gas and grocery purchases and you can even earn 2-points on utility purchases. With no redemption fees, point limits or blackout dates tied to this MasterCard–and free FICO scores on statements—this MasterCard is an ideal pick if your credit score is hovering around 600 and you hope to get it even higher in 2015.

Capital One Platinum Prestige MasterCard. Start with a 0-percent introductory card rate on all purchases until November 2015 if you apply for this Capital One card. Transferring balances? That 0-percent rate applies, too. Fraud coverage comes with this MasterCard and there’s no annual fee. Choose Platinum one if you run into issues related to your ride, since it comes with select car-related benefits like car rental, collision, damage or loss insurance plus—a big benefit–24-hour emergency roadside assistance. Receive extended warranties associated with purchases made using this card, too. Once the initial 0-percent promotional interest rate disappears in November 2015, your APR can revert to as low as 10.9-percent if your FICO numbers are solid, reason enough to choose this Prestige MasterCard over others.